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Hello, I'm Som,


It's a pleasure to share my portfolio with you. I spent more than a decade working in the corporate world, but I felt that my creativity and hard work were often not utilized to the fullest. This realization led me to make a life-changing decision.

I decided to pursue my true passion for photography professionally. I embarked on a journey to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to capture the world through my lens.  I put my heart and soul into learning this art, and the journey has been both fulfilling and inspiring.

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with some well-known brands. My work has been featured in numerous advertisements, magazines, and newspapers.

What sets my work apart is the unwavering dedication and effort I pour into each project.


 The commitment to excellence and attention to detail define my approach to photography.  

I believe in creating images that not only capture the subject but also tell compelling visual stories. It's my privilege to bring my clients' visions to life through the lens of my camera.

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